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  • 01 AUG
    Bloom Floral & Events Exclusive Wedding Florist at the Essex House Bridal Event

    Bloom Floral & Events Exclusive Wedding Florist at the Essex House Bridal Event

    We are just back from a New York City wedding event at the Essex House where BLOOM Floral and Events was honored to serve as the only wedding florist for this bridal event that included the most prestigious brands in wedding planning.

    We composed this one-of-a-kind wedding canopy from a lovely and durable assortment of bridal flowers.The wonderful floral aroma that surrounds this heavenly display cannot be described!

    Needless to say, we enjoyed seeing guests stop in their tracks to see our creation.

    Yes, we thoroughly enjoyed the limelight.

  • 7 JULY
    Summer flowers for wedding bouquets

    Keep Summer Flowers from Wilting in the New Jersey Heat

    Some flowers just don't like the heat. So if you're a summer bride, you'll want to pick blooms -- for your bouquet and centerpieces -- that can stand up, literally, to the sun. Lilies of the valley and tulips, for example, are beautiful, but put them out on a hot afternoon, and you'll have a droopy-looking disappointment before you can say "I do."

  • What flowers are best for weathering the heat and humidity here in central New Jersey?

    Orchids, Roses, Callas, Celosias, Lisianthus, Hydrangeas

  • Bobby Torres, head floral designer at BLOOM located in Freehold, NJ, also recommends decorating with less-traditional greenery such as aromatic rosemary, olive branches, and eucalyptus leaves. They add a durable but modern touch to a ceremony or reception site, and they have the added bonus of smelling terrific.

    "No matter what flowers you choose, if you're throwing an outdoor affair, keep arrangements simple and low. This is not the time for 3-foot-tall centerpieces that sway with every gust of wind, Bobby cautions. "Keep in mind, with Mother Nature as a backdrop, there's less need to decorate your venue."

    As for bridal bouquets, he says, order two -- "a smaller bouquet for photos and a more dramatic option for the ceremony. "There is nothing more depressing than seeing wilted blooms in your wedding photos."

    If you need professional advice about your wedding or special occasion flowers, look no further than BLOOM Floral and Events. Call us at (732) 414-6054 to talk about how we can make your event more beautiful than you ever imagined.

  • 10 JUNE
    wedding flowers featured at James Burden Mansion Upper East Side Manhattan nuptials

    "Heavenly" wedding flowers featured at Lesley's Upper East Side Manhattan nuptials

    "Dear Bobby,

    Dan and I were overjoyed to see the most magical room filled with orchids on our wedding day. Thank you so very much for making our (my) dream for beautiful flowers come true! It was a perfect day and the flowers only made it more perfect...

    Thank you again.


    Lesley & Daniel"

    BLOOM took over the fabulous James Burden Mansion on the Upper East Side a few weeks ago and created a wedding site suitable for the angels. White, cream, and palest ivory were the soft and utterly elegant colors featured in our wedding flower design plan.

    We used hundreds of white hydrangeas and Phalaenopsis orchids for the centerpieces and head table. The bride's bouquet was created from four dozen pure white Vendella roses and her bridesmaids' bouquets were equally elegant featuring three dozen Vendella roses each.

    Much to our delight, the lovely bride is still receiving images from her guests sharing their favorite wedding flower images.

    Lesley, a Manhattanite, discovered BLOOM, based in a spacious 4,000-square-foot showroom in Freehold, central New Jersey, when she attended another New York event where the flower designs were provided by BLOOM.

    "I was stunned and impressed by how modern and gorgeous they made the whole event look. I knew then and there this was the floral designer I needed for my wedding here in New York."

    Our wedding flower designers and installation team had a ball working at the Mansion. The historic building offered a spectacular backdrop to all the white flowers that looked even more sumptuous against the mahogany décor and rich architecture of the site.

  • 05 MAY
    Bloom Wedding Bridal Show at Windows on the Water NJ

    Bloom Participates in Bridal Show at Windows on the Water

    Our BLOOM floral design team participated in a wonderful event at Windows on the Water at Frogbridge last weekend. Windows is a breathtaking lakeside wedding reception and catering banquet hall located in Millstone Township.

    They hosted a beautiful food tasting special event for New York and New Jersey brides and grooms (and their relatives) who will be hosting their weddings and/or receptions at this award-winning venue later this year or in 2015.

    We had a great time designing and creating 12 different table centerpieces for Windows' clients to consider. We met so many great couples during the (delicious!) event and were happy to offer our expertise about the many ways to incorporate flowers and other natural elements into any wedding style.

    2014 is the Year of the Flower! From fashion and home decor to birthday parties, graduations and corporate events, flowers are the 'in' element to guaranteed to elevate any celebration from special to spectacular.

    Please call us to talk about how we can add a little more beauty to your next special event.

  • 29 APR
    Bloom Wedding Florist Bouquet


    Our lovely client, Christina Aleksiak, was married April 11, 2014 at the Radisson Hotel in Freehold.

    BLOOM had the honor of creating her spectacular snow white and cream -colored wedding bouquets.
    They featured a bounty of crystals, pearls and antique silver jewelry which offered a subtle sparkle to partner beautifully with the bride's accessories and her gown.

    The result? Chic, elegant, perfection.

  • 12 APR
    NJ Weddings are in Full Bloom!

    Our New Jersey weddings are in full BLOOM!

    We are up to our ears in the freshest and most beautiful flowers you have ever seen!

    Our wedding flowers, chuppahs and table decor elements are showing lots of bright pink, soft lilacs and sophisticated white this spring.

    Here are a few examples of recent projects we have completed in the past few weeks for projects in and around Monmouth County and Ocean County:

    We are in the studio this weekend meeting with several brides and grooms to discuss wedding decor ideas and choose flower selections.

    If you would like to stop in and talk about your wedding, religious event or special event coming up, just call Bobby at (732) 414-6054.

  • 12 MAR
    Valentine's Day Bouquet Ideas, Roses and Lillies

    A Beautiful Centerpiece for an Upcoming Spring Wedding

    We created this sample centerpiece for one of our brides whose spring wedding is just around the corner. 

    She selected the white phalaenopsis orchid, a white flower with 5-7 blooms per stem that features a subtle hint of blush on the back of the bloom
    (which matches the gowns her bridesmaids will be wearing).

    Our bride wishes to use the orchid without any supporting flowers or additional embellishments that might take away from its beauty.

    This simple, but very elegant flower, represents love, beauty, and refinement.
    Exactly like the bride!

  • 07 FEB
    Valentine's Day Bouquet Ideas, Roses and Lillies

    The lily and all-things-purple are “in” this Valentine’s Day

    Valentine's Day is a just a week away! Before you order your beloved a wonderful flower arrangement, I would like to share the most popular trends in color and flowers for 2014:

    This year, many of our customers are interested in foregoing standard red roses for something more unusual and a bit unexpected —

    Lilies are now the second most popular flower featured in Valentine's Day bouquets.
    Both roses and lilies are elegant and romantic and blend together nicely. This year, we’re using tons of roses in our arrangements, but in unusual colorations, such as salmon, varying shades of white and cream and even deep purple. Roses and lilies combined create a rich and startling bouquet for the table as well as your nose.  Their unrivaled scent is better than any perfume.

    Together or separately, they certainly represent sophistication and elegance.

    We are featuring all shades of purple in our Valentine’s Day centerpieces and bouquets designs in an ode to the 2014 Pantone Color of the Year, Radiant Orchid. Adding purple to any floral arrangement presents an updated twist on the traditional Valentine's bouquet and looks fresh and modern. With this regal color as a feature palette for a wedding or any special occasion, you can deliver a truly stunning and luxurious backdrop for any special celebration this year.

  • Please call us at 732-414-6054 as soon as possible with your Valentine’s Day orders. We are running at full capacity and appreciate as much lead time as possible. Enjoy!

  • 22 JAN


    Finding a wedding florist that matches your taste and budget doesn't have to be difficult. As with most wedding service providers, it is helpful to start by having a general idea in mind for your overall wedding theme ─ formal or casual; traditional or modern; color preferences and an overall vision of your day.

    There are many ways to communicate your wedding and/or wedding reception dream to your wedding florist. When you meet for the first time, bring your ideal wedding flower arrangements and bridal bouquets from the Internet or print publications. You may wish to create a look all your own by combining several appealing elements from different images. Many couples start a 'story board' (real or on Pinterest) and post idea swatches throughout the wedding planning process. (Keep in mind, this board usually changes dramatically from the first board until your final board ─ that's part of the fun of wedding planning!) Personally, after meeting with me, I hope that potential clients will leave our meeting with new images and ideas to post on their Pinterest sites.

    When you meet with a potential florist, listen to their input. Remember that choosing wedding flowers is a collaborative process and they create wedding bouquets, wedding centerpieces, cake decorations and wedding party flowers nearly every weekend. Believe me, we professional florists have seen it all ─ both good and bad!

    Use your wedding florist's experience to your advantage. Talk specifically about your budget from the beginning so you both have realistic expectations. Be truthful about what you like and what you don't care for. As a longtime wedding florist and wedding planner, we want nothing more than to play a small role in helping you enjoy the happiest day of your life!

  • 10 NOV


    Here in Freehold, autumn is making its way to our beautiful town ─ the air is crisper and the green foliage around us is changing to shades of red, orange, and yellow. To celebrate the season, why not take a few minutes, a few beautiful flowers and an inexpensive pumpkin and make a celebratory centerpiece for your Table or mantle? This is one of the designs we've created for our clients who receive our weekly floral deliveries. If you'd like to try one on your own, here's how:

      What You'll Need:
    • 1 Heirloom Pumpkin
      1 Cylindrical Glass Vase (make sure your vase is about the same height as your pumpkin)
      Sharp Knife
      Paper Towels
      Bathroom Cleaner with Bleach
      Floral Foam (cut to fit inside the vase)
      An Assortment of Fall Flowers such as Orange Roses, Broom Cob, Mums, Trachelium, Black-eyed Susans, Hydrangea, Lilies,or just stroll through your yard and find pretty pieces of tree branch, dried seed pods ─ nuts and berries.

      What To Do:
      Place you vase upside down on top of the pumpkin. Make sure that the vase is centered.
      Using your marker, trace a circle all around the vase.
      Carefully cut along the circle you traced and remove the top of your pumpkin. Make sure you cut straight up-and-down so the vase will be able to slide inside.
      Remove all of the seeds and as much of the pulp as possible.
      With a paper towel, pat the inside of the pumpkin dry. It's alright if the inside of the pumpkin is still a little bit moist.
      Spray the entire inside of the pumpkin with the Bathroom Cleaner with Bleach. Let the pumpkin air dry before inserting the vase.
      Carefully slide the vase into the pumpkin. It's absolutely fine if the vase isn't exactly level with the pumpkin. You're going to fill the whole thing with flowers, so no one will even notice.
      Put your floral foam into the vase and fill with water.
      Now is your chance to get creative! Push the stems into the floral foam in any arrangement you'd like. Floral arrangements tend to look best when the 2 or 3 of the same type of flower are grouped together, but you can do whatever works best for you.
      If you are making this centerpiece ahead of time, keep it in the fridge to help maintain freshness. The centerpiece will last a few days, but be certain to check on your pumpkin daily!